According to the Hatha yoga pradipika ,Maruta is the another word of Prana but it also has another meaning.The Upanishads say that there are forty -nine maruta. They are described as being brothers of Lord Indra. Indra represents the individual mind and the controller of senses of Indriyas , thus the maruta represents the forty nine essential faculties or powers of the mind. They are also representsed by the forty -nine letters of the Sanskeiti alphabet,and each part of the body is associated with a particular letter. Every part of the body has a corresponding center in the brain and its bija mantra located in the psychic body and mind.

Sarvangasa activates the throat chakra

The Throat Chakra,( vishuddha chakra )
Central theme communication, verbal ability ,inspiration, truthfulness, intelligence, synthesis.
The throat chakra in Sanskrit is called the VISHUDDHA CHAKRA . Visuddhi means pure . Its role is to purify awareness and provide inner clarity. The vishuddha chakra is also called the neck chakra. The communication chakra or simply the fifth chakra.
The throat chakra is depicted as a flower with sixteen petals. Its color is the sky blue ( or sometimes a shimmering silver ) .just as the color blue recalls the expanse of heaven , so its corresponding element, either, brings space and purity to mind. Thus either is considered to be the basic medium of communication .
the throat chakra lies in the cervical vertebrae, near the larynx. Its energy influences the neck,jaw,larynx, esophagus, and windpipe. The breath and voice also depend upon this chakra . It energizes the neck and shoulders: the thyroid and parathyroid glands can function harmoniously only when energy flows freely through this chakra.
Hence a yoga student who does the shoulder stand should breath very freely to get the benefits out of the asana.

Improving posture in Pilates

The body must be re-educated to cope with the stresses of daily life.In case where postural fault is severe, or there is pain, you should see a specialist before attempting pilates, yoga or any other exercise programme. Pilates is not meant to be alternative to the prescription of a medical proffesional, but it can be a useful tool to accompany the recommendations of a specialist.
Commenly when people trained in a gym they tend to choose exercise randomly ,concentrating on the areas of the body they like the least,or doing exercises that they find easy to do:this can reinforce existing misalignments. Unless the body is trained as a whole, as in Pilates, its weakness will only ne reinforced. The regular practice of Pilates strengthens and stretches all the core postural muscles, making correct posture far less of a effort and more of an unconscious act.
To understand the whole picture it is essential to realize the importence of the TORSO .Every step you take, every weight you lift and every movement you make must be stabilized by the muscles of abdominals and the back to protect the spinal cord against injuries. It does not matter how strong your arms are , unless your torso can protect you by stabilizing internally, your strength will be limited.
So take up your stance in front of the mirror. Only this time adopt what you consider to be ” good posture “. You should note the following points. Can you see them in your reflection?
- Shoulders are level
- Hip bones are equal and symmetrical
- The thumb side of the hand faces forward.
- The knee joints are symmetrical and face forward.
- The ankle joints are symmetrical
- The weight of the body is equally distributed between all four ” corners” of the feet
- you are lengthening through your spine.
Pilates works by strenghtening the key postural muscles, making it physically more comfortable to maintain the correct alignment.

Intuition Is Like A Muscle

Intution is an important but unrecognised part of our lives. Most of us constantly receive its messages but choose to ignore them. Our rational mind gives us all of the very ” sound ” reasons why we should ignore the intuitive impulses. When we ignore the intuitive mind it speaks to us less often. The intuition is never forceful or loud- except in times of extreme danger. we must listen carefully to hear it .
Intuition is like a muscle:
Intuition is built like a muscle. The more it is used the stronger it grows. Begin to use it consciously and often. We encourage you to practice utilising your intuitive powers. Spend some time each day sitting quietly, arriving into your ‘ empty’ place and using a quiet shifting of awareness to engage your intuitive ability. After a short time you may be surprised just what your intuition tells you.

Shift your awareness right now to the bottoms of your feet. Linger there for a few moments, feel the sensations.
Now , draw your consciousness to the front of your face. wait there for a short while, notice what you are feeling.
Turn your attention to the tip of your face. For a few seconds be aware of what you are feeling.
Once you have settled into that spot-Allow your focus to be on your hands for a bit, not the feeling.
Next bring your attention to a past movement. immediately shift forward to a vision of the future, and then finally, back to the present by bringing your focus again to your body.

This exercise will teach your mind to be flexible and open. you may find on some occupations that intuition engages more easily than at other times. This is normal. Learn to recognise the physical signs that happen in your body as intuition takes over. Again practice,practice and practice!

The Various Benefits of Yoga Classes in Chembur Mumbai

In the present times, it is often that what you lack is to spare out time for your own self. Stress and hectic work at day drains your energy leaving you tired and dull. If you are residing in Chembur Mumbai then you are bestowed to choose from various Yoga Training Centres. There is Yoga Classes Chembur Mumbai from which you can choose the one as per your wish. Read on your benefits of joining yoga classes.

Yoga classes in Chembur Mumbai

Yoga in Chembur Mumbai

Harmony of soul!
One of the primary goals and benefits of yoga is harmony. Regular yoga makes your life free from troubles of all sorts. There are many people who have practiced yoga for many years and enjoyed its various benefits. It helps you keep your mind, body and soul in harmony. It is one of the most important and primary benefits of yoga that people have been enjoying since ages.  When you are in harmony, you can enjoy your life in a better way. Yoga makes it easy for you to keep your mind and soul in harmony with all other parts of the body.

Better Self Awareness
Going by what practitioners have to say, regular yoga helps an individual get rid of mental agony, discomfort and pain. It has been discovered that people who have been practicing yoga are able to realise the problems even before they arrive. As you are able to identify the problems before their arrival, you can rectify them before they turn worse.
Helps you relieve stress!
Stress management is one of the most crucial benefits that you get to enjoy with regular yoga classes. There are different meditative techniques that help a person get relaxed and attain a new point of view towards stressors and life.   When you are performing yoga exercises on a regular basis then you are able to concentrate on the techniques that help you get rid of stress. Yoga Trainer Chembur Mumbai guides you to a better life.
An effective remedy for pain relief!
There are many who opt for yoga because they want to get rid of chronic pain. It can help you to overcome chronic ailments and also deal with pain.  Body and muscle strengthening is equally important aspect of yoga.  When you choose an experienced Yoga Teacher Chembur Mumbai, you can be assured to get the right training because they make sure that you are trained in a right way. They have the expertise to train you for different problems.
Those who are residing in Millennium City,Chembur Mumbai, have plenty of options to choose from. There is no dearth of fitness Centers in Chembur Mumbai from which you can choose the one. It is just that you have to do proper research before choosing the one. Consider joining Pilates Yoga Classes in Chembur Mumbai for high benefits and let your life be free from stress.

Foundation principles of pilates


Breath can be described as a fuel of the powerhouse, which is the engine that drives pilates.


A pilates practioners intent is to perform the exercises as correctly as his or her current skill level will allow.  This requires concentration. Begin by going through a mental checklist of points to focus on for each exercise.


The concept of center can have several levels of meaning. Primarily it relates to the body’s center of the gravity. The body’s center of the gravity is the single point about which every particle of its mass is equally distributed- the point at which the body could be suspended and where it would be totally balanced in all directions.


Inner peace development by Laxmana Yoga & Pilates Classes

  • Life vs Yoga: - Now a days working late nights and travelling for business purpose has become a part of our lives. This busy schedule make people weak and exposed to various health issues. Even film fraternity though having a busy schedule pull out time to keep their body fit by daily practicing yoga and various other exercises. Daily going to Gym will give you a toned body but will not heal you or your soul from inside. The word Yoga means to unite or join. Yoga and Pilates are not just postures and movements for creating beautiful and perfect bodies yoga is about connecting every individuals mind and body through ‘Conscious Breathing’. One of the biggest returns of yoga for people suffering from pain is that it helps in reducing and eliminating the pain from body parts like joints, this is the only path towards healing.
  • Who we are: -Bhavani Pinisetti started Laxmana Yoga and Pilates Centre, Chembur Mumbai in 2011. She acquired her inclination towards Yoga at a very early age from her father and received her Teacher’s training and certification from Sivananda International Vedanta and Yoga Centre, Madurai Ashram. She is also trained in Pilates by Michale King from London. The Centre has peaceful environments which helps in concentrating and practice yoga and meditation for inner peace and improve one’s mind. Being an experienced teacher and trainer in Yoga & Pilates she has been successfully training many people from different background to keep their mind and body fit in today’s hectic and busy life. Our 5-week program will help every individual to deal with weight issues caused due to lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, side-effects of certain health ailments and or associated medication. We have following yoga exercises in our centre:
    • Regular Yoga Classes
    • Regular Pilates Yoga Classes (Pilates is a fitness form which helps in stabilising your muscles)
    • Vinayasa Classes
    • Separate batches for Pregnant Women, Children and Senior Citizens (No charges for Senior Citizens)
    • Classes for beginners
    • Weekend Classes for Working Professionals
    • Corporate Yoga Programs
    • Personal Training
  • Why Start Yoga: – Regular practice of Yoga also improves breathing problems and keeps water born diseases away. Yoga also gives relief from back problems, this shows that many people across the world are practicing yoga for it various benefits. This ancient art of harmonizing system of development for the spirit, mind, and body leads you to a sense of inner peace and well being. Yoga should always be practised under a certified trainer who knows how to practice yoga properly because wrong yoga practice could lead to other body problems.

Lives are too short and let’s not make it shorter. Let us join hands and improve our way of living by practising yoga and meditation to keep your body fit and mind relaxed and make Yoga a part of our lives to have a healthy life ahead.